Distributor benefits

1. Reliable solutions, values consistent with those of your customers

Seize the opportunity to associate your image with reliable solutions for the recovery of lost items! The effectiveness of our products and services allows you to communicate with your clients about important values, such as security.

2. Tools to communicate and gain customers’ loyalty

Our products have the advantage of being personalized and enable you to boost customer loyalty.

Solutions tailored to your needs

PromoProtec offers you a wide range of products and services.  It’s up to you to choose the solutions that best suit your client’s needs.

  • SOSlostkeys (against the loss of keys).
  • BoatDirekt (against the loss of keys at sea or on a lake).
  • Travel&Business Kits (against the loss of passports, laptops, MP3 etc.).
  • KidDirekt (against the loss of children).
  • CallDirekt (against the loss of Alzheimer´s ill persons).
  • SOSLostPets (against the loss of pets).
  • Etching Kit (against car theft).
  • ClubDirekt (against the loss of golf clubs).

Feel free to contact us so that we can design together a business model taylored to your needs and goals.

Personalization of the products and packagings

All of our ID products can be easily personalized: you can choose the design, the colors, and your firm’s logo and/or personal message can be printed on it.

As an added bonus, our products are heat, water and shock-resistant, which enables your clients to keep them for years!

What a fantastic showcase for your firm, isn’t it?  Imagine your logo, your name and text messages added on the packaging we send to clients.

Click here to view how we can personalize our products with your logo.

· Personalisation of the services

You can decide how long the service you offer to your clients will be activated: 1, 3, 5 years… or for life!

You can decide how the finder can contact the owner: by telephone, SMS, e-mail, post or through the Police. The more channels you choose, the safer the clients will feel.

Finally, through the registration of users, we create a unique database of email addresses and telephone contacts. We grant you the possibility of using this database for targeted marketing campaigns with email and/or SMS, either systematically or to advertise a specific offer.

You can also just buy our services and provide your clients with your own products.

3. Turnkey services

Our communication platform manages everything for you: client activation, first contact with the finder, and contact between the finder and the owner.

Don’t want the hassle of designing and packaging your product? No problem! If desired, we can go further and take charge ourselves of the design of the products packaging and distribution.  Or, maybe you want to take control. It’s absolutely up to you!