Pet finder tag that help lost pets to get back home


Each year, about 5-7 millions pets are getting lost in Canada alone. Most of the time they are found by someone, but the finder is unable to contact the owner. That’s the idea behind “SOS Lost Pets” pet finder tag! Thanks to the information engraved on “SOS Lost Pets” pet finder tags, the owners can be easily identified and contacted; returning pets home is now much simpler and much faster! Associating one’s firm with the “SOS Lost Pets” service enables pet owners to display their firm’s logos on the favourite four-legged companion.

 SOS Lost Pet: Your lost pet is only a call away! “SOS Lost Pets” is a fantastic marketing tool for firms interested in the pet market and keen to develop customer loyalty. Thanks to the “SOS Lost Pets” pet finder tag your trademark and logo gain maximal display. Discover how this product works by entering our website dedicated to users Promoprotec can provide solutions tailored to your needs and to your budget:

  • Pet finder tag design
  • Choice of various pet recovery services
  • Different user registration options
  • Packaging design
  • Distribution logistics.

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