Clients benefits

1. Reliable and reassuring solutions

Our solutions make users feel safer, because they know how effective and reliable they are. Our products and services indeed protect persons or items that count in their eyes. Users know how more likely it is to recover what they lost if they use PromoProtec´s ID products. As a result, they feel safer and more relaxed.

2. Simple activation

PromoProtec´s products are sent directly to your clients (if desired, we can organize the distribution for you). Clients then activate their service, either by sending an SMS or by visiting our website. They give the product´s number, its ID code, their phone number and their e-mail address. A letter explaining the registration process is sent to them with the product.

3. A customer service staying tuned to them

If your clients have questions about the product they received, they can phone our customer service:

Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.

They can also find more information on our websites dedicated to users.