Floating identification key ring

Boat Direct

On a boat you cannot avoid having keys with you, be it your boat, car, apartment or house keys.

Now, losing keys in water is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience, and you’re almost sure not to recover them!

The USA, Canada and the United Kingdom have thousands of miles of coastline. Talk about losing a needle in a haystack!

BoatDirect is the solution!

thanks to this floating identification key ring, the owners themselves can recover their keys on the water if they realize in time that it is lost. If found, the owner can easily be contacted thanks to the pieces of information engraved on it.

BoatDirect: The smart floating key ring!

Not only does BoatDirect help identify the owners of keys lost in water, but it also helps by communicating with other professional and amateur sailors: your own firm’s logo and message can be engraved on it.

PromoProtec can provide solutions tailored to your needs and to your budget:

  • Design of the float
  • Choice of the object recovery services
  • Choice in users’ registration ways
  • Design of the packaging
  • Distribution logistics.

Discover some concrete examples in our BoatDirect product sheet.