Golf Club finder and identification sticker

Club Direct

Half of the 32,000 golf courses in the world are located in North America, and western countries are those you practice this sport most.

Both professional and amateur golf players would like to avoid losing their clubs, insofar as this equipment is personal but also very costly!

ClubDirekt happens to be the solution! Our ID stickers that are put on the clubs enable us to identify the owner of lost or forgotten Golf clubs.

ClubDirekt will help find the owners of lost clubs, but it also helps owners who wish to communicate with other golf players: indeed, their firm’s logos and personal messages can also be printed on the stickers.

PromoProtec can provide solutions tailored to your needs and to your budget:

  • Design of the Golf Club identification and finder ID stickers.
  • Choice of the object recovery services.
  • Choice in users’ registration ways.
  • Design of the packaging.
  • Distribution logistics.

Discover some concrete examples in our ClubDirekt product sheet.