ID Silicone Wristband for Alzheimer Patient

lost alzheimer patient

More than 24 million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. As many families are thus indirectly touched daily by the disease. Their every-day life is marked by lapses of memory, lapses from a sense of direction (both spatial and temporal), and lapses of language. Families are therefore afraid their ill relatives might run away.

Even if they are found by someone, would they be able to give their identity?

Recently, silicon wristband have become exceptional marketing tools: they are shock, waterproof, heat-resistant and discreet; even a message or a logo can easily be etched onto them!  Seeing a need, we decided to use these wristband to help with the identification of those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Thanks to the CallDirekt identification wristband, the families of people suffering from Alzheimer’s feel safer about their ill relatives; knowing their loved ones wear on their wrist all the pieces of information needed to bring them back home safe.

CallDirekt: The safety wristband!
The CallDirekt safety silicone wristband is the perfect promotional tool. Those with Alzheimer’s find it discreet, their relatives feel safer, and your trademark benefits from exposure.

CallDirekt: Solutions from $10.

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Explore examples of how we have helped companies on our CallDirekt product sheet.