PromoProtec offers solutions in the field of loss prevention and recovery of lost items. We design and produce customized "smart tags" such as key tags, pet tags, stickers, wristbands, etc... that can be distributed as a gift or a promotional item. Our tag, coupled with our unique web application, connect the finder of a lost item with the rightful owner via email, telephone, SMS and mailing address. All this while protecting the identity of the owner.

The opportunity:
  1. People nowadays carry around a multitude of valuable items: keys, wallets, mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, passports, pieces of luggage when traveling, etc...
  2. Almost 3 out of 4 lost objects cannot be returned to their owners because the finders lack information about them.
  3. Based on a survey conducted by PromoProtec, 90% of the people interviewed would like to return an object they found to its owner but do not care if it involves a lot of work in finding the individual.
Our solutions: We make it quick, easy and safe to:
  • Identify the owner of a lost object
  • Connect the finder with the object's owner
  • Return the lost property as soon as possible.
Thanks to PromoProtec's platform and products, the finder of a lost item can easily contact the rightful owner. PromoProtec ensures that the owner, who can be contacted either by phone, SMS and/or e-mail, remains anonymous. For more information, simply call us at: (+1) 647-213-0234 design of the products packaging and distribution.  Or, maybe you want to take control. It's absolutely up to you!