You lose it. They find it. We find you!

Promoprotec offers services to companies with large customer bases! We organise the distribution of giveaways that generate exposure for your brand and bring value for your customers.

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We help you be the hero in the eyes of your customers!

We work with Insurance companies, Estate agencies, Car Distributors, Hotels, Banks, Campings, not for profit organisations...! All companies distributing give aways or interested in materialising their relationship with their customer via a product that will provide a simple assistance service.

We provide a safe and secure service to help your end customers keep track of your lost belongings. Key tags, pet tags, luggage tags, lanyards, armband for toddlers... Our solution is easily scalable and can be totally customised to your needs. Our communication platform uses the latest technology and through our direct contact with manufacturers we can provide the best service at the best price.

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Some examples of our services


Return ticket for your lost keys.


Your lost pet is on the phone!


Your kid is under surveillance.


Keep track of your luggage!

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